Mitchkoi are the UK's biggest, award-winning national online dealer of Koi Carp. Our team travels to MadanKoi in Israel to hand-select only the best quality koi, whether large or small. Each koi carp on the website is available for next-day delivery to your door by 10am using a CEFAS licensed courier. From traditional koi varieties like GoSanke (Kohaku, Sanke & Showa) through to the eye-catching Purachina, stunning Kikokuryu and rare gems like Kumonryu koi carp, there is a koi fish for everybody here at Mitchkoi.

Popular koi carp varieties

  • Kohaku

    The original koi carp; Kohaku may seem to be a simple red and white fish, but they can add true class and elegance to any koi pond. Read more

  • Sanke

    Part of the GoSanke family, Sanke are a tri-coloured koi that are the staple of any serious koi collection. Read more

  • Showa

    One of the team's favourite varieties, Showa are a complex black based fish that are coveted by koi keepers everywhere. Read more

  • Kikokuryu

    One of our best selling varieties, the Kikokuryu has terrific metallic lustre and each one has a truly unique pattern. Read more

  • Purachina

    Purachina, otherwise called Platinum Ogon, really stand out in your pond thanks to the vibrant white colouration. Read more

  • Hariwake

    Another extremely popular variety amongst our clients, because each one is so individual and you rarely get two Hariwake's the same. Read more

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