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Each koi fish chosen with your pond in mind from Madan Koi Farm in Israel.

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Popular koi carp varieties

  • Kohaku

    The original koi carp; Kohaku may seem to be a simple red and white fish, but they can add true class and elegance to any koi pond. Read more

  • Sanke

    Part of the GoSanke family, Sanke are a tri-coloured koi that are the staple of any serious koi collection. Read more

  • Showa

    One of the Mitchkoi team's favourite varieties, Showa are a complex black based fish that are coveted by koi keepers everywhere. Read more

  • Kikokuryu

    One of our best selling varieties, the Kikokuryu has terrific metallic lustre and each one has a truly unique pattern. Read more

  • Purachina

    Purachina, otherwise called Platinum Ogon, really stand out in your pond thanks to the vibrant white colouration. Read more

  • Hariwake

    Another extremely popular variety amongst our clients, because each one is so individual and you rarely get two Hariwake's the same. Read more

Who are Mitchkoi?

Mitchkoi started in 2007, going from keen hobbyists to professional koi dealers & originally selling Japanese koi carp. We got the opportunity to visit Japan several times, which was an excellent experience to see where koi originate from; however from a business point of view, Israel was calling! The switch from Japanese koi to Israeli koi was not taken lightly, however within a few short weeks after our first visit to what was then called 'Magnoy', were impressed with both the hardiness and quality of the fish. Since the Magnoy days, Israel has prospered, now importing around 70% of all fish into the UK market, and offering an array of koi varieties that we had always struggled to source in Japan. The demand for Israeli koi for sale online is now bigger than ever!

The modern day Mitchkoi see's us going on several hand-picking trips every year, with regular shipments coming into our facility in between trips too. As the business has grown, our buying power is now greater than ever, allowing us access to the best quality koi at very competitive prices; these savings are passed directly onto you. This is combined with a special relationship with the farms in Israel allowing us a great choice of koi on every trip. We usually stock small koi from around 28cm up-to large fish of around 70cm, so there really is something for everyone here at Mitchkoi.

Thankfully, the online market is growing in strength, and our independent feedback is testament to forward thinking koi keeper's experiencing the Mitchkoi difference; Koi delivered to your door. We now have a large following of customer's which is growing daily, plus an awesome Facebook fan page where you can get all of the latest news from Mitchkoi HQ.

We are based in Staffordshire, but were the first company to sell exclusively online and pioneered koi carp delivery. We are very proud of what we do, with industry-leading pictures & videos, plus an award-winning website that enables you to buy online safely and securely, anywhere, anytime. Each koi you see is for sale, and we do not settle for the 'sold fish' gimmick used by some dealers - if it is listed on our website, you know it is in stock, fully-quarantined and ready for delivery to your pond.

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